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          It has a complete team of R & D, production and marketing system, and has the production capacity of high-quality n-butyl lithium, SEC butyl lithium,
          chloro-n-butane, chloro sec butane, anhydrous lithium chloride, lithium carbonate and other products.


          CAS No.: 109-72-8

          Traits: Colorless transparent to yellow liq...


          CAS No.: 598-30-1

          Traits: Colorless transparent to yellow liq...


          CAS No.: 917-54-4

          Traits: Colorless transparent to yellow eth...


          CAS No.: 109-69-3

          Traits: Colorless and inflammable liquid,bo...


          CAS No.: 78-86-4

          Traits: Colorless transparent liquid, relat...

          Lithium chloride

          CAS No.: 7447-41-8

          Traits: White cubic crystal or powder, easy...

          3-t-Butyl dimethylsiloxy...

          CAS No.: 97057-70-0

          Traits: Colorless to light yellow transpare...



          Changjili New Energy

          Provide customers with high-quality and high-end products and technical solutions such as safety and environmental protection in the use of lithiation products

          Professional R&D service team to meet the continuous needs of users

          Founded in


          National Patent


          Land area

          40000 m2

          Jiangsu Changjili New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Tiantie Industrial Co., Ltd. (Tiantie Co., Ltd., stock code: 300587). Ministry of Innovation Fund project, National Torch Plan project implementation enterprise.
          The company is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake—Tao Capital Yixing, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters. It has high-quality n-butyl lithium, sec-butyl lithium, chloro-n-butane, chloro-sec-butane, and anhydrous chlorination. Production capacity of lithium, lithium carbonate and other products. The company has a complete R&D, production and marketing system team, and has obtained 38 national patents (including 8 invention patents), and the first drafting of the national "Industrial Chlorinated Butane...


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          We will continue to improve product quality and innovation ability, and join hands with new and old customers to

          Create a broad market for organic lithium and new energy



          Jiangsu Changjili New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

          contact us

          ■  Add: 140, Xinjian Xinfeng Rd. Mid., Yixing City, Jiangsu Prov., China.

          ■  P.C.: 214253

          ■  Contact: Zhou Weiqiang

          ■  Mobile: +86-18921338735

          ■  Tel: +86-510-87280629

          ■  E-mail: 569570961@qq.com

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